Friday, January 11, 2008

If you need to see bigger images, please double click on each photo. Here's a simple step by step guide on how to tie a tie using the popular four in hand style.

STEP 1: This is just a mere photo of the tie that will be used. You may use any tie that will look good with the shirt that you will be wearing.

STEP 2: Do as shown. Hang the tie on your neck and make sure that the small end is by the middle of your chest. Make the bigger (and longer end) cross over the other end, as shown on the photo.

By experience, you will eventually learn exactly how long one side will need to be depending on your neck size and the length of your torso.

STEP 3: These are five photos showing step 3. In this step, let the longer side loop over, underneath and again, over the shorter (and smaller) end.

Get it across and over...

...and under

..and across (again)

STEP 4: Make the longer end go up and exit under your neck, as shown in the next photo. If you'll notice, you've just made almost two complete loops using the wide (and longer) end of the tie.

This is how the long end it sneaks up under your neck.

STEP 5: Let the wide end drop in between the loops, as shown in the photo.


STEP 6: Arrange the tie. Try to create that popular "dimple" if the fabric cooperates.

STEP 7: Pull the tie close to your neck and tighten it.

There, you've just finished the popular 4 in hand knot.


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